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Weather and Itineraries

Weather Maldives

The weather in the Maldives is split into the North-Easterly Season(December to May) and the Westerly Season (May to December). Although the hours of sunshine do not differ very much between the seasons (8 hours average per day), occasional rain falls mainly during the Westerly Season.

The wind in the dry season is light to moderate from the Nort-East, in the wet season it is typically moderate from the South-West. Squalls rarely bring more than 30 knots of wind.

This makes the Maldives a year-round destination with a low season from June to August.


Itineraries depend on the preferences of the guests, time available and the weather. Furthermore, in an area with 1200 islands and thousands of protective reefs, we are very flexible when it comes to finding safe anchorages and are not necessarily bound to preset itineraries. When agreeable to our clients, we sometimes travel between atolls at night (they can be between 5 and 50 miles apart), to maximize the day activities.

Any itinerary starts when we pick you up at the airport island. As we have a permit to dock at the airport, it only takes about 100 meters to get from customs to the yacht!

3-5 day charter: We will usually stay in the North and South Male Atoll

5-8 day charter: Combination of North and South Male Atoll and Baa, Felidhe or Ari Atoll, which requires a crossing of 30 miles.

8+ day charters : You decide: 1200 islands, with thousands of reefs and anchorages to choose from!